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Take a stand with StolenYouth. Get your #NotInMyBackyard tee today.

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Take a stand with StolenYouth. Get your #NotInMyBackyard tee today.

Buying and selling children is a shockingly large and viable marketplace. It’s estimated that there are 500 minors trafficked in prostitution every day in King County. The average age of entry into “the life” is 12 years old and the long-term trauma is vast and varied; including substance abuse, extreme poverty, and homelessness. The problem is systemic, constantly evolving, and the internet has made it even harder to detect, intervene, and prosecute.

StolenYouth is disrupting this marketplace. Our coalition model unites direct services, policy development, education and awareness initiatives to disrupt the entire system of exploitation, creating dramatic, positive, lasting change.

No child should be bought or sold for sex.

Take a stand with us.


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